A vegan world. That’s our objective!

The Save Movement began in Canada in 2010 as Toronto Pig Save before spreading worldwide. Like other Save groups, VKind's Ballymena Pig Save exists to create 'glass walls' in slaughterhouses and other places where other animals are kept for human use. We bear witness at an event called a Save Vigil to non-human animals in their final moments before they are forced into a violent and unnecessary end.

We promote a love-based approach to help others come to the compassionate and just conclusion of veganism. For further information please follow the links below.

All upcoming events will be posted on our Facebook page.

"Bearing witness is the beginning of awareness. You see realities by being present. The distressed animals are here and now right before your eyes. You refuse to turn a blind eye. You look, you come closer, and you try to help the individuals before you... Looking at the other animals, touching their noses as they push through the air holes to nudge and sniff our hands, hearing them communicate with us and each other, strengthens our resolve to do all we can to help them." - Anita Krajnc, Founder of The Save Movement

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