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Have you ever wondered what veganism and animal rights is all about? Why don't vegans eat eggs? What's wrong with dairy? Isn't free-range enough? Or maybe you already agree that using other animals is wrong but lack the knowledge about how to switch from animal products to cruelty-free alternatives. 

Our hope is that this site will help empower you to make better choices and equip you with the practical knowledge needed to live in a manner that protects the other beings with whom we share this planet.

All forms of life deserve respect, dignity and compassion.

VKind are based in Northern Ireland. Learn more about us and how you can get involved!



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Chickens suffering as Red Tractor fails...again

Red Tractor has failed again (read our previous post about this self-regulated 'welfare' scheme ) in their endorsement of four Moy Park farms supplying Tesco in which chickens suffer as a matter of routine. (It took three years of horrific investigations and hundreds of protests over Hogwood for Tesco to drop them--not a promising sign.) Undercover investigations by Animal Equality found: At least 500 chicks dying in one day in a shed because they were too weak to be profitab

Where do ‘broiler’ chickens come from?

by Becci Pigeon & Cliff Grant Chicken ‘breeding’ or ‘parent’ farms are not something we tend to think about–but have you ever wondered where all the eggs come from for the billions of chickens raised for meat? (More than 60 billion ‘meat’ chickens are slaughtered annually worldwide.) These birds are known as ‘broilers’, and ‘broiler breeder farms’ raise the hens and roosters who are the parents of broiler chickens. Male and female chicks are initially raised separately, but a