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Have you ever wondered what veganism and animal rights is all about? Why don't vegans eat eggs? What's wrong with dairy? Isn't free-range enough? Or maybe you already agree that using other animals is wrong but lack the knowledge about how to switch from animal products to cruelty-free alternatives. 

Our hope is that this site will help empower you to make better choices and equip you with the practical knowledge needed to live in a manner that protects the other beings with whom we share this planet.

All forms of life deserve respect, dignity and compassion.

VKind are based in Northern Ireland. Learn more about us and how you can get involved!



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So...what's wrong with leather?

Leather is frequently overlooked by people who already recognise that fur is unethical but don't know the facts about the leather industry, believing it to be a simple byproduct of the meat and dairy industries that would 'go to waste' if it wasn't utilised. This isn't the case, however. Leather is not so much a byproduct as it is a coproduct, or even a subsidy, with the skin accounting for about 10% of the slaughtered animal's overall value in the case of cows--or far more,

The short and brutal life of a male dairy calf

This spring, an unprecedented 1.6 million dairy calves are due to be born in Ireland. About half of them (800,000) will be male. It’s a scandal of an unimaginable scale. Imagine, just for a minute that you are one of those baby boys. This is the true story of your short and brutal life. Day 1. As soon as you are born and your mum has licked you dry, you are immediately torn away from her…. something that is difficult for you to understand but arguably much worse for her. Colo