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One to change a few, a few to change many, many to change the world



Have you ever wondered what veganism and animal rights is all about? Why don't vegans eat eggs? What's wrong with dairy? Isn't free-range enough? Or maybe you already agree that using other animals is wrong but lack the knowledge about how to switch from animal products to cruelty-free alternatives. 

Our hope is that this site will help empower you to make better choices and equip you with the practical knowledge needed to live in a manner that protects the other beings with whom we share this planet.

All forms of life deserve respect, dignity and compassion.

VKind are based in Northern Ireland. Learn more about us and how you can get involved!



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Why can't we stop eating BABIES?!

Some people avoid dining upon veal or lamb, explaining that eating a baby animal makes them uneasy. While this is a compassionate...

Animal vet required

The total number of cattle killed in Northern Ireland slaughterhouses during 2019 came in at 455,220 individuals. This included 344,671...

Are eggs and dairy MORE cruel than meat?

Consider the life of a chicken raised for meat. Yes, it's true that she will grow far too quickly for her body to handle. Her breast will...

Cows are amazing!

Some people might not think of cows as very complex animals, but—as often happens when it comes to our perception of non-human...

Dairy is Scary is back!

Round one in 2019 of our highly successful Dairy is Scary event. We encourage members of the public to try vegan treats and dairy free...

Dairy is Scary is back!

Saturday was our first Dairy is Scary event this summer and it was such a brilliant positive day. The weather was beautiful, the food was...