• Clif Grant

3 billion deaths daily?

Updated: Jan 20

Maybe if the media started reporting the number of animals lost to the meat, dairy and egg industries daily in the same way they report COVID-19 might just get people’s attention. (That number, incidentally, is estimated at over 200 million land animals daily, the vast majority of whom are chickens--or 3 billion when including fish, crustaceans and other sea life. [source])

If we think critically, these animals do not pose the slightest threat or danger to us and our political, societal, and economical organizations, and are our horizontal neighbors rather than our vertical inferiors. Yet...we continue to slaughter them like their lives mean nothing.

We’d do well to remember that every life is equally important to the one living it.

(Annual) UK slaughter statistics from AnimalClock:

  • 1,050,000,000 chickens

  • 15,400,000 turkeys

  • 2,780,000 cows

  • 10,990,000 pigs

  • 14,000,000 ducks

  • 14,556,000 sheep

  • 876,000,000 fish (not including bycatch)

  • 4,394,000,000 shellfish (not including bycatch)

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