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Another fire in NI, and 6000 birds die.

Updated: Jan 20

Chickens are the most abused animal on the planet, with at least 50 billion killed annually--or a full 900 million here in the UK. They have been so completely rendered into 'food source' by our society that most people don't even see them as birds, but they are, just like the robins, parrots, hummingbirds and eagles who fascinate and enthrall us. (Click here to find out how clever and delightful chickens really are!) We eat so many these birds that scientists anticipate that this will be known as the Age of the Chicken due to the massive piles of mummified, genetically mutated chicken bones that pack our landfills.

And so on the heels of the horrific pig farm fires in Kilkeel, County Down which killed 2,000 pigs comes the news that 6,000 beautiful birds were also burnt to death in Dungannon, County Tyrone. County Tyrone, it is worth noting, is one of the top ten counties in the UK with the most intensively raised farmed animals. Northern Ireland has the dubious honour of making this list twice, as County Antrim qualifies as well. The vast majority of these intensively-farmed animals are pigs and chickens, and these massive farms have increased at least 68% here since 2011.

How much longer can we lie to ourselves about our culpability in this cruelty? How long must we pretend that animal agriculture is a wholesome industry populated by 'a few bad apples'?

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