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Back in action with Down with Dairy Belfast

Updated: Jan 20

On 10 October VKind activists headed out to another excellent outreach event organised by the good people at Down with Dairy Belfast as part of Surge's Dismantle Dairy campaign.

This time there was a new piece of equipment in tow--an awesome two-tiered, double-sided video player. One level showed footage from the dairy portion of the free documentary Land of Hope and Glory, whilst the other had a running count of the Animal Slaughter Counter. The numbers are startling--it has been said that if we killed each other at the rate we kill other animals, we'd be extinct in 17 days. (In the three minutes it took me to organise and link up all the details in this paragraph, for example, over 7 million fish and 600,000 chickens were killed.)

As usual, we found most members of the public to be curious and very open to education. It's amazing how well dairy companies have managed to obfuscate the most basic and inescapable facts of their industry. Many people don't realise that cows don't just give milk all the time: like humans and other mammals, they produce it to feed their young and thus must give birth first. Female calves can be kept to replace 'spent' dairy cows, who after several cycles of pregnancy are sent to slaughter at 4 or 5 years old (about a quarter of their lifespan) but males are very nearly a useless byproduct, and are usually either killed outright or sent overseas on long, dangerous journeys to be raised as veal.

Photos of us in action below--just click to enlarge.

We hope you'll join us next time! Keep an eye on the VKind and Down with Dairy Belfast facebook pages for upcoming events.

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