• Becci Pigeon

Challenge your friends to watch a REALLY scary movie this Halloween

Updated: Jan 20

While many of us can't get together this Halloween, there are still plenty of options not only to acknowledge the holiday but to engage in animal advocacy. One excellent way to do this is to organise a watch party with friends and family members who haven't gone vegan yet. And a lot of us are swapping movie suggestions right now, too, so perhaps this is a great opportunity to challenge them to watch something truly a movie where they're the villains. So what are our options?

Viva's award-winning documentary, Hogwood, premiered this summer with an appropriate tagline: A Modern Horror Story. It focuses on three years of undercover investigations at Hogwood pig farm and the fight it took to not only get their Red Tractor Assured label removed but for Tesco to drop them. (Read about one of VKind's protests in 2018.)

This short film is available worldwide on Amazon Prime, Google Play and Apple TV.

Another excellent choice is 2017's Land of Hope and Glory, a full length documentary which reveals the reality of the UK animal agriculture industry and is available for free online in multiple languages. (The producers mention that 'due to limitations' regarding fish farm footage from the UK, they focused on land animals, and recommend the short film Seaspiracy. You can also learn more about the fishing industry on new information page.)

Want more? Dominion is another truly frightening movie about what we do to animals. Though filmed in Australia, it focuses on animal agriculture (as well as clothing, experimentation and entertainment) worldwide. Like Land of Hope and Glory, it is available free online.

Earthlings was released in 2005 and has been turning people vegan since then. (The producers challenge viewers to get through the first twenty minutes if they cannot handle the entire film.) It also draws necessary parallels between speciesism, sexism, racism and more.

And one last option...if your friends and family are short on time, why not recommend the brilliant Dairy is Scary? It's only five minutes long and,'s scary.

Have a happy and safe Halloween, everybody. And please let us know if we forgot any good films in the comments!