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Chickens suffering as Red Tractor fails...again

Updated: Jan 20

Red Tractor has failed again (read our previous post about this self-regulated 'welfare' scheme ) in their endorsement of four Moy Park farms supplying Tesco in which chickens suffer as a matter of routine. (It took three years of horrific investigations and hundreds of protests over Hogwood for Tesco to drop them--not a promising sign.) Undercover investigations by Animal Equality found:

  • At least 500 chicks dying in one day in a shed because they were too weak to be profitable, while workers admitted on camera that they had no interest in feeding chicks or keeping them warm if they cannot be sold and that so many daily deaths was 'normal'.

  • Birds deemed too small being deliberately denied water so that they died of dehydration.

  • Chicks being killed by workers either snapping their necks or attempting to cut their necks open against sharp edges. According to the activists, many of these birds still flapped and blinked for minutes afterwards. (Legally, workers can kill up to 70 chicks each day, but this investigation shows that even more were dying.)

  • Multiple young birds becoming trapped in feeders and drinkers.

  • Crate-loads of chicks being killed because they were suspected of having broken bones after workers slammed them onto a conveyer belt.

And to this footage, Moy Park--the biggest chicken 'producer' in the UK--responded that 'no major breaches were identified.' (More than 500 chicks ‘too small to be profitable’ die in 24 hours on farm supplying Tesco, The Independent)

And they're right. This is the animal agriculture industry. Over the past two decades thousands of such investigations have been carried out--both at conventional farms and 'free range' ones--and some insist on responding to every single one with 'just a few bad apples'. Don't fall for their lies: go vegan, and be one less person hurting animals today.

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