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Dairy is Scary is back!

Updated: Jan 20

Round one in 2019 of our highly successful Dairy is Scary event.

We encourage members of the public to try vegan treats and dairy free plant based samples. This allows us to engage in positive conversation.

VKind believe that education is key. We must get non vegans to join the dots and realise that when they buy animal products that they are supporting exploitation and violence.

This is always a fun day.

Music, food and positive vibes. Children welcome!!

We ask everyone to try and bring along something for the table (only if you can) . Examples are cakes, buns, cookies, cheese, plant milk, savoury snacks, sausage rolls etc and if you can not make them, feel free to bring some bought items, but please make sure you let people know any ingredients if they contain possible allergens, nuts, soya etc.

1.30 to 4pm approximately; setting up from 1.15pm.

If you’d like to join us please click ‘Going’ [link outdated] on the event page, we’d love to see you there!

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