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Great ways to stay active for animals during lockdown

Updated: Apr 4

As a follow-up to our most recent post on the topic, we thought we’d share some of the many great ways to continue your activism for animals even as we adhere to the rules of lockdown.  And remember that if you feel safe doing so, there are lots of ways to volunteer to help vulnerable people during this pandemic too!

(CripHumAnimal has also published this excellent article that reminds us that street activism is not the only valid kind!)


And here are some of the many options!

Anything missing? Let us know!

And lastly, remember that while COVID-19 is the biggest pandemic in a century, it isn’t a fluke: 3 of every 4 new infectious diseases are zoonotic, meaning they are the result of contact between humans and non-human animals. While COVID-19 is believed to have come from wild animals at a wet market, pandemics and animal agriculture in general are intimately linked. (Swine Flu and the many forms of Avian Flu, for example, including the one that is believed to have caused the 1918 Flu Pandemic (as well as H5N8, the variation that is currently raging across the world) have all arisen as a result of domestic animal farming.) When we pretend that this is a purely an issue with China, we do a disservice to everybody struggling through this crisis, human and non-human animal alike. What’s perhaps most frightening is the fact that scientists have said that due to our reliance on animal agriculture, the next pandemic isn’t a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’…and the next one could be much, much worse. Check out this fact-filled blog post and kindly share the facts with those around you.

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