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Hogwood Farm Campaign with Viva and That Vegan Couple

Updated: Jan 20

We held two group actions outside Tesco Belfast on the 9th and 11th of August 2018 in support of Viva! to tell Tesco to dump Hogwood Farm as a supplier.

We had such great support from our activists and it was also great to have Natasha and Luca A.K.A That Vegan Couple from YouTube taking part with us.

Sadly so many people typically walked past but the overall response from the public who did stop when they saw the video footage and spoke with our activists were in total disgust at this abuse.

We explained that although we were showing them Hogwood farm, this is common practice within the industry and the fact that irrespective of the conditions animals are kept in they should not be in there or lose their lives in the first place. We were able to explain the benefits and reasons for going Vegan and talked about the Vegan alternatives that they could have and the response we got was brilliant.

We managed to get nearly 500 signatures on our petition, and we handed out over 1000+ info leaflets to those that were passing. Even those that didn’t stop or take a leaflet, we have no doubt that they could clearly read the posters and so the seed was sown.

We would like to thank all our activists that took part in these actions and also a big thank you to you guys who couldn’t make it yet sent support and shared the information about this evil death farm.

If you have not already please sign the online petition the link below, [outdated--VICTORY!] and most importantly like our page and get active with us on one of our many other events and separate actions we are holding.

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