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How will COVID-19 change the way we do activism?

Updated: Jan 20

by Cliff Grant

We must tell their story and keep on telling it!

COVID-19 may change the face of our activism out of necessity, but it must not stop our message to end animal use.

The animals cannot speak up for themselves…so we must do it for them. We must continue our mission to influence the human mindset and inspire behaviour change towards kinder and more compassionate world and ultimately animal liberation.

Street activism has already been impacted but we can still make a difference by adapting our approach and viewing it as an opportunity rather than a restriction. This means shifting our focus to social media and the internet as a whole.

As movement becomes more restricted, social media will see more and more traffic. Our job is to meet people as they land…by producing new content via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, podcasts, blogs, etc. Each one of these can be used to great effect and to our advantage if we network and share consistently across social media. (For example, these videos about the link between pandemics and animal agriculture from acclaimed physicians Dr Michael Greger and Dr Neal Barnard, or this extensively-researched article from Sentient Media.) There are many other ways to stand up for animals during the lockdown. Consider signing up as a mentor with or Vegan Outreachor use Twitter for the super simple 5Minutes5Vegans! Can you think of others? Let us know in the comments.

COVID -19 dominates the airwaves for now, but instead of focusing on circumstances that you cannot change, concentrate your thoughts upon the work at hand and focus strongly on the areas where you can make a difference.

On the upside, since the lockdown:

  • Venice’s canals have become crystal clear. Water has become so clear that fish can be seen and even swans and dolphins have returned.

  • Italy’s coasts have dolphins coming closer and closer.

  • Japan and Thailand now have deer and monkeys roaming free in the streets.

  • China has record breaking pollution cuts.

The Earth has already began showing signs of healing in the absence of human interference and pollution. What if we seized the opportunity to reboot on a kinder, more compassionate, more environmentally conscious foot? What we’re seeing in the space of a few days has shown us that the Earth can heal. We can make it happen if we infuse our lives with action.

Below are some excellent resources to watch during the lockdown. Use your time in isolation to learn everything you need to know. If we act with due diligence we will come back even stronger once the dust settles.

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