• Clif Grant

In response to a potential new pig slaughterhouse in Ballymoney...

(by Clif Grant)

Most pigs have food withdrawn from them 24 hours before transport.

They are crammed onto trucks with their friends and family, and will go without food, water, or rest for the duration of their journey to the slaughterhouse.

The stench of excrement and urine inside the trucks is so overwhelming, it makes you gasp for air if you stand close.

It will be the first day in their short torturous lives that they will have had the opportunity to see the sunshine, the hedgerows or feel the wind in their face...but most will miss it because they are overcome by exhaustion and the thick stench of ammonia burning their eyes and lungs.

When they arrive at this death camp, they will be unloaded. Some will run to the light and fresh air when the doors are open. They see space ahead of them for the first time in their entire lives. Others will barely be able to stand up...trying desperately to breathe, their bodies racked with pain from months of cruelty and neglect .

A gas chamber awaits them all.

It is a crime on an unimaginable scale.

I can’t sleep at night thinking about it...

..... and maybe neither should you.

(Note: there is a petition and new facebook page set up to oppose this slaughterhouse called STOP Pig 'Processing Plant' in Ballymoney. Be sure to check it out!)

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