• Sheena Bleakney

Kissing the Feet of the Wise: A Poem

Updated: Jan 20

One day a girl met a cat in the street

She lay on the ground and counted the pads on his feet

She looked into his eyes and she saw a soul

And she was only 8 years old

And as she grew, and added two plus two

By 13, she knew…she knew

That something was clearly wrong in this world

Wars and violence, left her cold

She felt she was on the outside, looking in

Into a hellhole, created by man

Man felt weak, man goes to war

Man looks down on those who are poor

Man strokes his dog, before going to work

Driving pigs to slaughter, in a shit filled truck

Man gives this a name, and he calls it meat

Then claims it is vital for us to eat

Yet something is nagging at the girl’s very core

And she stands up to say ‘no more’

She finds some words that change her life

Words about the animals, their life, their strife

She takes it in, she cannot breathe

For what she sees she cannot believe.

The pigs, the sheep, the cows, the hens

Only brought into this world for a brutal end

Baby chicks, just one day old

Are blended up, cos they cant be sold

Calves are taken from their mum

Their crime? Because they are her son

The girls? They end up in the same chain of pain

Raped, inseminated, again and again

Again and again

Again and again

Goats, ducks, frogs and fish

Man decides they too, make a tasty dish

The lies, the lies, the godforsaken lies

Pile up in front of her very eyes

Meat is murder, how did she not see?

Man says he needs it for breakfast, lunch and tea

No animal is exempt from this very cruel desire

Animals on tap, animals to hire

Entertainment, experiment, slaughter and eat

Zoos, make-up, dairy and meat

Man is spiralling, he’s half insane

But wait, theres more, let’s eat a monkey’s brain

Rats are pests, vermin, bred for us to use

Let’s hunt foxes too, what have we got to lose

Let’s kick them and burn them and put bleach in their eyes

And say it’s for our own good, or we might die

Let’s grill them and boil them and stab them in the throat

And say it’s for big muscles, over which we can gloat

Let’s trap them, cage them, drop them into chambers of gas

Get a cheap thrill shoving a fist up their ass

Let’s use their bones to make sweets for our kids

And turn their skin into shoes, belts and bags

‘inadequacy bred in the cradle and reared in the school

brought upon hate and now the hate is feeding on you’

Man is bulldozing out of control

But wait, on the world is starting to take its toll

Dead zones in the oceans are killing our fish

Methane in the air, creating greenhouse gas

Land is razed for crops for cows

While millions of children starve, I ask you, How?

Shit is spilling into our lakes, rivers and seas

And all for the sake of a bacon butt-ie

And all for the sake of a bacon butt-ie

Where did the girl go? Her anger? Her rage?

Was anyone else on the same page?

She met eye to eye with a cat on the street

She felt his purpose, she felt his heartbeat

She knew it was lies, she could see through the shit

And she knew she could change things, bit by bit

‘above all a man or above all a fool which are you

above all a man or above all, you, which are you?’

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