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Live dairy cows used for artificial insemination practice at the slaughterhouse

Updated: Jan 20

Of course, cows raised for their meat and their dairy both suffer in the slaughterhouse. (We've discussed before the fact that dairy cows just suffer longer first.) But the fact is that sometimes, dairy cows must endure additional abuse before they are killed, by having their bodies used as a practice ground for untrained farm workers hoping to learn artificial insemination. The vast majority of cows in the industry are impregnated via AI, as it allows farms control over genes and timing and is less expensive.

It helps if you know what artificial insemination entails. First, the cow must be restrained in a metal rack so that she will not attempt to struggle or move away. The worker then inserts their arm up past the elbow into her anus, where they can position her cervix through the walls of the rectum. Once this is done, they insert the artificial insemination gun into the cow's vagina, pushing it through her cervical canal and into her uterus to release the semen.

Not surprisingly, this is a delicate procedure that requires practice and which carries risk of permanent damage or tearing of the vagina and rectum. And thus some farm workers untrained in the technique of artificial insemination are brought into slaughterhouses to practise it on 'spent' dairy cows. This is legally permitted as long as the cows are due to be killed on the same day.

Say it again: the dairy industry is the beef industry...and sometimes it's worse.

Looking to make the compassionate choice and drop cow's milk? It's never been easier!

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