• Clif Grant

Looking into the future...

Updated: Jan 20

The resistance to the idea that our fellow earthlings have the capacity to feel pain and suffer does not come from science but from politicians who answer to farmers.

Millions of others who claim to love animals continue to eat their bodies and consume other products that depend on the routine slaughter of countless non-human beings--at a rate of three billion every single day--who have emotions no less real than those we possess.

It is hard to see how raising and slaughtering livestock is in any way compatible with a future I want to live in. The cruelty involved, the climate-change footprint, the impact on eco-systems and wildlife is simply too great.

If we are to ensure that the earth remains habitable we must convince everyone that the animals and the natural world are worth saving. To achieve this we must reverse humankind’s ever-increasing detachment from them.

We must come to the rescue.

We must act now before it’s too late.

“It only takes one voice, at the right pitch, to start an avalanche.” – Dianna Hardy

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