• Sheena Bleakney

Never too late...

Updated: Jan 20

There is usually a change in the air, as we approach 30, a shift, a sense of an impending move to normality, settling down, GROWING UP...

In our 20’s it is seen as normal, in fact, encouraged, to protest, question, ask, debate and be part of social and justice movements…yet, as we hit 30, we are expected to calm down, conform, buy the house, fret about money, mortgages, children. By 40, we are too tired to voice our concerns, bar for ourselves and our inner circles, fearing job loss, children leaving home, house repayments and getting stuck in traffic.

And we forget…we forget about who we spoke up for when we were younger!

By 50, we step, irritatedly, over the homeless person on the street, on our way to a job we hate, to pay for a home we are never in, to secure a future we may not even have.

And in all those ages and times, and moments and seconds, there is a voice, that we have forgotten, we have not been listening to, because we feel we have to GROW UP.

That voice belongs to the animals, who care not for our climb of the ladder, or our chalk painted walls, or our kids' college degrees.

Their only concern is to live in their own way, bothering none, hurting no one. The dairy cow does not want her baby to be taken from her side, to be used for veal or beef if they are male, or as a dairy cow if they are female. The pig does not wish to lay in a farrowing crate for years, delivering baby after baby after baby to fatten for the butcher's block. The chicken wants to spread her wings, not be packed into crates to lay thousands of eggs for a protein obsessed nation. The rooster wants to sing the song of his tribe at dawn, not to be blended into a macerator at one day old. The fish and sea mammals wish to live in freedom in the oceans, not to be untimely ripped by acre wide fishing nets, tangled together until suffocation delivers a horrendous end. The lamb is not Sunday dinner, the turkey is for life, not just for Christmas.

All animals deserve to feel free, feel the air on their skin and their fur, have access to fresh food and water, and to be free from all pain and suffering. Why as we get older do we chose to turn away from this? Why, as we age, do we feel we have to grow up and conform and not speak out against injustice and suffering?

Our voice, becomes a voice of reason and wisdom the older we get…what we may not still have in terms of the passion of youth, we have in experience and our voice should be getting louder.

We are never too old to put on boots and get out into the fields to stop a hunt. We are never too old to take to the streets and march for the animals. We are never too old to write to our governments to ask for changes in the law to stop these horrific farming practises . We are never too old to stop using and buying products that have been tested on animals, kept in horrific conditions in laboratories, with shampoos dropped into their eyes, and bleaches poured on their skin.

We are never too old to stop going to zoos, buying pets from breeders or riding elephants or swimming with dolphins on holidays. These entertainments do not dilute in pain and suffering simply because we feel we deserve pleasure, or we have worked hard!!

We are never too old to get active on the streets and join in a Cube of Truth, or the Save Movement, or a Meat the Victims.

Our voice should be getting louder.

We are never, ever, EVER too old to GO VEGAN!

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