• Clif Grant

Numbers, numbers, numbers...and greed

Updated: Jan 20

Why does the human race believe that everything on earth exists for us?

Why are we the self-proclaimed masters of the universe.... and every other species be damned?

The truth is we are nothing short of delusional, selfish, self-centred, ruthless exploiters.

We destroy the life systems that sustain us, polluting the waterways and poisoning the food we eat, whilst eliminating anything they gets in our way and everything we deem to be unnecessary, be it animals, trees and other human beings.

As I write this, total Coronavirus deaths in the North of Ireland total 556. In the South, 1764. Surely each one of these deaths is a tragedy. Yet consider these numbers:

  • Karro Foods in Cookstown kill 21,000 pigs weekly.

  • Moy Park kill 280 million birds every year. (Worth noting: Moy Park, like many, many other slaughterhouses, is a COVID hotspot.)

  • 1,724,843 cattle were slaughtered in Irish Department of Agriculture approved beef export plants in 2019.

  • 2,782,661 sheep were slaughtered in Ireland in 2019.

  • 160 million farm animals throughout the world are transported to a slaughterhouse every day.

  • Over nine billion farm animals were slaughtered in the United States last year.

  • The number of pigs reared for food each year in the United Kingdom is 10 million; in the United States is 110 million; in Europe is 300 million, and in China is 680 million.

  • Approximately 250,000 bulls are killed in bullfights throughout the world each year.

  • Approximately 80,000 horses are trucked from the United States to Mexico or Canada to be slaughtered for human consumption annually.

  • More than 330 million rabbits are farmed in tiny, barren cages across Europe each year and one billion rabbits are killed for their fur each year.

  • There are more than 17,000 dog meat farms in South Korea.

  • More than 10,000 bears are being kept on bile farms in China.

(See the Animal Kill Clock statistics for the UK, the US, Canada and Australia.)

Why are human beings so cruel and heartless ? How do we justify these acts of sheer inhumanity?

What does that say about us, about our psychology, about our propensity for this kind of violence? Is all this cruelty an aberration or something central to who and what we are?

Our species is devastating the earth and causing unimaginable suffering to animals and to each other.

The good thing is that it's very easy for us to opt out of some of the worst and most egregious forms of cruelty. Just check out these links below!

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