• Becci Pigeon

Outreach on the streets of Belfast once again!

Updated: Jan 20

On 8 August 2020, VKind activists headed back to Cornmarket Square to talk to the public about the victims of our food choices--and how it all relates to COVID-19, too. This was our first outreach event since February and the start of lockdown, so we were eager to get out there!

We had many successful conversations! One had a lovely young woman who was already vegetarian (and avoiding eggs) expressing her belief that she 'just couldn't give up cheese'. (This is a not uncommon sentiment--cheese is often the last thing tying otherwise compassionate people to a non-vegan diet. It's no surprise, either: dairy-based cheese contains casomorphins that make it genuinely addictive.) Conveniently, she was standing in front of the screen showing scenes from the dairy parts of Dominion. (Watch here for free.) Just as she voiced her devotion to cheese, the screen showed a 'spent' dairy cow being slaughtered, with the text on the screen reading, 'All this for a piece of cheese.' Good timing! The activist involved had a long discussion with her about the realities of the dairy industry, which she, like many people, was unaware of. She didn't know, for example, that male calves, who are largely considered a byproduct, are generally killed immediately after birth or forced to endure the horrors of live transport to be raised as veal elsewhere in Europe. (Learn more here.) The woman was shocked and left with an information card--and hopefully, a lot to think about.

Check out our gallery from the day! Click through to make them larger. (Photos: Sean Allen, Rambles with my Camera)