• Clif Grant

'Personal choice' is not a valid defence

Updated: Jan 20

It is simply absurd for you to think that this is a simple difference of opinion when your opinion represents everything vegans stand against.

Asking me to respect your decision to eat animals or wear their body parts is like asking me to respect your decision to beat your partner, to kick your dog, or to abuse your child.

It may be a freedom of choice for you, but it is a complete stripping of freedoms for the ones you choose to eat: freedom to life, freedom from harm, freedom from fear and suffering.

That decision will never be okay with me when you know that it will harm someone else.

And for those who are already vegan: the most important person to cultivate respect for is yourself. Live in step with your principles and don't compromise your values. And consider becoming an activist if you aren't already!

Most importantly, when someone chooses to strip away everything that is important to someone else...challenge it!

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