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Sticking up for chickens with Speaking Up for the Animals!

Another day, another fantastic vegan outreach opportunity organised by our friends at Speaking Up for the Animals! This time we were in front of the KFC in the centre of Belfast with our signs and leaflets to stick up for the rights of the most abused animal on the planet, the chicken. We kill 2.5 million of these clever, empathetic birds every single day in the UK alone--900 million a year--or 50 billion annually worldwide. (Visit our chicken page to learn more!)

KFC and other fast food chains and supermarkets are also guilty of being a major cause of the deforestation of the Brazilian Cerrado. The UK's annual demand for imported soya for animal feed requires 1.4 hectares of land--a space the size of Northern Ireland!--and the majority of it goes to feed chickens, both for their flesh and their eggs.

It was a good day for outreach, with people approaching to take leaflets, tell their stories and ask questions.

Check us out in action below, and be sure to follow and contact Speaking Up for the Animals to get the details on their next activism event!

(Photos kindly provided by Speaking Up for the Animals.)

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