• Becci Pigeon

Street activism with Speaking Up for the Animals

Last Saturday on 22 May, we participated in a great outreach event organised by Speaking Up for the Animals outside of the McDonald's in the Belfast City Centre. (This was the same day as the Animal Rebellion McDonald's blockade.) As there was a band playing directly in front of the restaurant, we spread out across the street for maximum exposure while others stood beside the McDonald's doors. Lots of the activists were new to outreach but eager to help animals--a wonderful thing to see!

This was, as with all of their outreach events, friendly and non-confrontational. We were there to provide education to those who asked and to peacefully remind people that their 'personal choices' involve a victim. Check out the photos below and be sure to follow the Speaking Up for the Animals' Facebook page to keep updated on upcoming events!

Newcomers are always welcome!

Click though to enlarge and view full photos. (All kindly provided by Speaking Up for the Animals.)

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