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The government's federal inspector approved of WHAT?!

Updated: Jan 20

'Spot on.'

These were the words of an official Food Standards Agency inspector whilst visiting a UK slaughterhouse recently. He had just witnessed workers beheading sheep in full view of live ones and then--under his advice--piling their decapitated bodies onto live sheep still waiting in the chute to the killed. 'Spot on' is how the inspector responded to an employee who asked whether he was happy with what they were doing. They weren't alone, though--Animal Equality was there too, though, doing an undercover investigation. (You can learn more about their investigation here or watch the video below.)

Hard to believe though it may be, this is the reality of animal agriculture. And who will protect these innocent, terrified animals, when the government clearly won't and when Red Tractor and RSPCA Assured have both repeatedly approved of--and in fact, recommended--some of the cruelest parts of the industry? (Click the links to learn more about why both of these 'welfare schemes' have proven useless.)

The answer is easy: you! And it's easy to do so, too, to take the first step towards an ethical, compassionate lifestyle--check out our Vegan 101 page with vegan starter kits and more!

Video of Animal Equality's investigation below:

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