• Clif Grant

The truth about the 'pet' industry

Updated: Jan 20

The victims of the companion animal industry who exist specifically because of money and profit are not only the mothers, whose bodies and reproductive abilities are exploited and who will never be allowed to experience freedom or autonomy, but their babies, who are treated as commodities from the very moment of their birth.

From their very first breath, they are trapped in a system of domination from which they cannot escape.

Rabbits, budgerigars and other birds, chinchillas, ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish and a variety of other animals will live their entire lives in cramped cages or aquariums that are not reflective of any natural environment. They are given to anybody who walks in off the street with the absolute minimum of instruction on how to properly care for them. These animals with their complex needs and potentially long lives are bought and sold like toys.

In the same way that farms mean cruelty for the animals we use for food, breeding mills lead to lives of extreme psychological and physical pain, neglect and deprivation. Regardless of who buys them, companion animals are in a situation where their human owner controls every aspect of their lives, including when and how often they eat, drink water, get exercise, whether they live indoors or out, or whether their environment is clean or filthy.

Does this mean we shouldn’t adopt? Absolutely not!

There are millions of animals annually up for adoption and if you are able to offer a safe, caring and appropriate home to a nonhuman of any species, the ONLY responsible decision you can make is to rescue or adopt. For them it represents nothing short of a second chance at life itself!

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