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Make a Christmas turkey's dream come true

Updated: Jan 20

(This post by Sheena Bleakney is part two of our Christmas series about turkeys! Read part one here.)

A dream came true for me on Saturday. Did I win a million pounds? Develop the skin, hair and legs of a supermodel? Fly solo around the world?

No...I met a turkey! Two turkeys in fact. George and Mildred. At, believe it or not, a cat sanctuary--TC's Forever Home!

We make these distinctions between *pet* animals and *food* animals daily. The animals we love, care for, and keep in our homes. And yet we happily pay for the less fortunate to be turned upside down and have their lives reduced to nothing in a matter of minutes on a production line of consumerism and slaughter.

George and Mildred are the lucky ones. Identified as sentient, worthy of life, important, valued, on a par with the cats and dogs we have come to value as companions.

Millions of turkeys globally are awaiting slaughter in cramped, unhygienic conditions as Christmas looms.

Overfattened and riddled with hormones and antibiotics, their legs can barely take the strain of their artificially manufactured bodies. I recall in my childhood, the yearly conversation about how big the turkey was going to be. They were reduced at that stage to mere pounds and ounces!!

George and Mildred have personalities--this was visibly apparent on first meeting! A highly complex social system in place, but most importantly a strong desire to live. To simply be... To be left in peace to do whatever it is they do daily. To be able to rest easy at night, and have freedom during the day to roam and forage.

I, in a few hours, was able to share in their existence, to see them enjoy grapes and marvel at their delightful communication.

I felt no desire to rip the life from them for the sake of a meal. I wondered who ever could have thought it in the first place.

Going vegan is the most rewarding and beautiful experience you can gift yourself, and the animals.

It's very simple, we just leave them alone. If you are struggling in any way with how to start and where to begin, please contact us at Speaking Up for the Animals and we will help in any way!

woman sitting with two large black turkeys
TC's Forever Home (Photo by Truffleupagus Vegan Yums/Facebook)

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