• Becci Pigeon

Vegan outreach in Belfast on 17 October

Updated: Jan 20

VKind were out on the streets again this past Saturday for some activism. The streets were quieter but we still had some great conversations with the public!

Perhaps the highlight of the day was the fellow who came up to tell us that he had been vegan since having spoken to one of our amazing activists two weeks ago! (And lest anybody suggest that two weeks is insignificant, keep in mind that during that time, he saved not only the lives of an estimated 15 animals but 16,000 gallons of water, 450 square feet of forest, and 685 pounds of grain--as well as preventing 310 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere!)

Check us out in action below and keep an eye on our Facebook page to get involved next time. And if you're unable to take part in street activism right now, take a look our blog post with lots of effective ways to advocate for animals from home!

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