• Clif Grant

Why do people go vegan?

Updated: Jan 20

Maybe it’s because we know that the capacity to suffer is in no way limited to humans.

Maybe it’s because we accept that humanity inflicts an almost immeasurable amount of cruelty on emotional, conscious sentient beings.

Maybe it’s because the level of suffering we inflict on animals for food, experimentation, clothing or entertainment shocked our consciences so badly that we simply no longer wanted to be part of it.

Maybe it’s because the suffering of nonhuman animals is so constant, so consistent and so widespread that we no longer wish to support it.

Maybe it’s because we don’t agree with the mentality of human dominance…a prejudice that twists our thinking so badly that even the slightest human pain or inconvenience is often seen to outweigh the vast amount of suffering that animals endure.

Maybe it’s because we don’t favour those we perceive as similar over those most humans perceive as different and therefore inferior.

We are working to build a world where no sentient being is discriminated against based on morally irrelevant qualities.

A world where where no being is enslaved.

A world where all are valued, respected and treated with kindness.

A world where where all animals are allowed to live their lives in freedom.

A world that is free from brutality, oppression and exploitation of billions of sentient beings.

We ask you to join us. We ask you to be vegan!

A few resources to help you get started:

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