• Clif Grant

You are a pig. Choose your fate.

Updated: Jan 20

The year is 2020.

You are one of 10 million pigs born annually into the reality of British and Irish Pig Farms. All you will ever know is squalor, misery, disease and death.

You will be forced to spend your short life sleeping on a cold concrete floor, in a cell inches deep in excrement and urine, with no bedding materials.

All around you other pigs are suffering untold horrors. Row upon row of new mothers are trapped in filthy, barren farrowing crates, barely able to move. Dead sows are dumped in corridors, bin bags containing dead piglets and stillborn litters are swept up like trash alongside dustbins overflowing with discarded veterinary products, including the massive amounts of antibiotics already contributing to our next major health crisis.

And now you must choose how you die:

A. Burned alive in your cage, with no means of escape


B. Sent to a slaughterhouse on a truck where you will be forced into a gas chamber with your brothers and sisters.

(As you inhale the high concentration of CO2, you will be burned from the inside out. With each panicked hyperventilation, you will draw the toxic fumes deeper into your body, simultaneously suffocating from the lack of oxygen and convulsing violently from the abrasive poison being pumped into your lungs).

These are your only two options. Which one do you choose?

And maybe now you understand what it means to be vegan.

‘’The only unforgivable sin is deliberate cruelty” – Tennessee Williams

(Photo from VKind's participation in a Meat the Victims event at a pig farm in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, January 2020)

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